COGAIN Symposium:
Communication by Gaze Interaction

Stuttgart, Germany • June 02-05, 2020
Online, everywhere, June 26th, 2020

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Important dates

Papers due: Jan 20, 2020
Feb 03, 2020
Feedback: Mar 02, 2020
Rebuttals: Mar 08, 2020
Decisions: Mar 13, 2020
Camera-ready: Apr 02, 2020

General co-chairs
Marco Porta
Diako Mardanbegi

Program co-chairs
Päivi Majaranta
Ken Pfeuffer

Symposium program

Due to COVID 19, unfortunately there will not be any ETRA 2020 event, neither physical nor virtual. However, all accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library.

The organizers of the COGAIN symposium, on the other hand, would like to arrange a two-hour virtual session on the 26th of June (2-4 pm CET), where everybody can participate. This will allow the authors to answer possible questions and for everyone to discuss papers.

We would like to invite everyone to join our virtual event on June 26th.

Link to our zoom-meeting:


We are honored to announce Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö as our special keynote for our virtual event this year:

Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö is an Author, Speaker, Blogger, Vlogger, and a Model.

Kati is a board member of COGAIN, an ambassador for Miss Wheelchair World, and an honorary ambassador/vice-president of SpecialEffect UK.

Kati is also almost entirely paralyzed. She has had LIS (Locked-In Syndrome) since 1995. Everything Kati has done in her life despite being paralyzed is with the use of technology. To be more precise, she has been to reach so far is by using communication devices that were created to help the less abled.

In her talk, “What a difference a ‘Gaze’ makes”, Kati is going to tell about how she uses the various devices. What being able to have the technology that helps her do everything means to her. And, what are the challenges and what can be done to take on these issues.

Since ACM ETRA 2020 was canceled, Kati’s talk will be published as a video and she will also join the COGAIN 2020 virtual session.

Please, join the virtual session, and do not miss out on the talk of this incredible woman!

Teaser of the keynote:

Main video of the keynote speech:

To find more about Kati, visit her website:

Detailed program

COGAIN 2020 virtual session Program

Presentation videos:

PLEASE NOTE All times are in CET (Central European Time)!

14:00 CET Welcome by Marco Porta and Diako Mardanbegi

14:10 Keynote by Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö: Video Questions and discussion

14:30 Session 1: Gaze Communication

Video presentations
StARe: Gaze-Assisted Face-to-Face Communication in Augmented Reality
Authors: Radiah Rivu (Bundeswehr University Munich); Yasmeen Abdrabou (Bundeswehr University Munich); Ken Pfeuffer (Bundeswehr University Munich); Augusto Esteves (IST - University of Lisbon); Stefanie Meitner (LMU Munich); Florian Alt (Bundeswehr University Munich)

Comparison of Three Dwell-time-based Gaze Text Entry Methods
Authors: Jacek Matulewski (Nicolaus Copernicus University); Mateusz Patera (University of Warsaw) Paper:

Exploring Eye-Gaze Wheelchair Control
Authors: Jacopo M. Araujo (Technical University of Denmark); Guangtao Zhang (Technical University of Denmark); John Paulin Hansen (Technical University of Denmark); Sadasivan Puthusserypady (Technical University of Denmark)

Questions + answers

15:00 Session 2: Gaze Interaction

Video presentations
A Gaze-Based Web Browser with Multiple Methods for Link Selection
Authors: Matteo Casarini (University of Pavia); Marco Porta (University of Pavia); Piercarlo Dondi (University of Pavia)

GIMIS: Gaze Input with Motor Imagery Selection
Authors: Baosheng James Hou (Technical University of Denmark); Per Bekgaard (Technical University of Denmark); Scott MacKenzie (York University); John Paulin Hansen (Technical University of Denmark); Sadasivan Puthusserypady (Technical University of Denmark)

Pupil Dilation Fulfills the Requirements for Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in Gaming on the Example of Pong
Authors: Christoph Strauch (Ulm University); Michael Barthelmäs (Ulm University); Elisa Altgassen (Ulm University); Anke Huckauf (Ulm University)

A Shift-Based Data Augmentation Strategy for Improving Saccade Landing Point Prediction
Authors: Henry Griffith (Texas State University); Oleg Komogortsev (Texas State University)

Questions + answers

15:50 Announcement of COGAIN 2020 best paper by Ken Pfeuffer and Päivi Majaranta

15:55 Closing by Marco Porta and Diako Mardanbegi

16:00 End